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Monopoly: Game of Thrones (Unboxing)

Game of Thrones Monopoly might just be the best monopoly theme out there. Although it’s not perfect and you will most likely expect the same original monopoly game, it certainly adds another flavour into the game.

Game of Thrones Monopoly Unboxing

The game looks awesome and the quality of the game board and pieces are very high. The details are pretty spot on with some even exceeding my expectation. Did I also mention that the instructions/rules come as a scroll? Everyone was ecstatic every time I pull out the scroll to check the rules.

Game of Thrones Monopoly Rules

The original Chance and Community Chest cards have been renamed to “Valar Morghulis” and “The Iron Throne”. The cards have some of reference to the popular quote in the series such as “winter is here”, “Hodor”, or “trial by combat”.

Game of Thrones Monopoly Chance and Opportunity Game of Thrones Monopoly Parts

The hotel and house tokens have been changed to village and castle tokens which look pretty cool and fit the theme perfectly. The cash itself carries a symbol from the seven families with the highest denominations held by… The Lannisters (why am I not surprised).

The best design in this entire board game is probably the player tokens. They’re pretty neat and detailed. You have an option to choose from a dragon egg, crown, a direwolf, a whitewalker, a three-eyed raven, and the iron throne. It’s a shame that they don’t have dragon as a token so I have to settle with the whitewalker token.

Game of Thrones Monopoly Player Tokens Game of Thrones Monopoly Player Tokens 3 Game of Thrones Monopoly Player Tokens 3

There are two things that let me down; the Free Parking and Jail, they honestly could have come with a better design for this and I’m not sure why they didn’t. My guess is because they are trying to keep some original or classic element of Monopoly.

However all in all, I will say this is the best monopoly theme that I have ever owned and remember, when you play the Game of Thrones Monopoly, you either win or you die! Get yours here!

Game of Thrones Monopoly Game Board

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